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iCoat LLC

ICoat Products is a manufacturer of several product lines for the decorative concrete industry. Countertop Resurfacing System, Concrete Overlay System, Commercial and Residential Flooring Epoxy systems and the Synthetic 3D System are only a few of them. Now you can offer your clients a custom solution for replicating natural stone over countertops, concrete surfaces, water features, and much, much more.

ICoat is a revolutionary manufacturer for the decorative concrete industry for use both indoors and outdoors. ICoat Countertop products are used to resurface existing countertops such as formica, granite, marble and other solid surfaces to replicate granite, marble, natural stone or completely customized tops. ICoat Flooring Overlay can be installed over existing flooring, such as concrete, wood, and linoleum. ICoat products are designed to compliment your current style and color specifications. Once installed, ICoat products are easy to clean and maintain.

Collin NawrockiICOAT, LLC