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May Day Basket Memories

Does anyone remember making May Day baskets as children? I can remember making them in school by weaving strips of construction paper together and then folding our woven creation into a cone.  We would fill them with tissue paper flowers and candy as the teacher explained the tradition of secretly leaving baskets filled with flowers and candy on the door of a neighbor on the first day of May.

How exciting and a bit frightening to sneak up to my neighbor’s house, hoping she wasn’t looking out the front window.  Then to tiptoe up the steps and hang that flower filled cone on the doorknob, hands sweating for fear of making a noise and giving myself away. My heart would be beating so hard that I could hear it in my ears, and my breathing was fast and shallow.  I would plant my feet in a run-ready position, lean in toward the door and press the doorbell. Ding-dong!!!! As the bell signals the beginning of the race I was off and running as fast as my little feet could carry me, never daring to look back over my shoulder.  Running so quickly all the way home, into my garage up the steps, shutting the door behind me and leaning back against it, catching my breath!  Whew …. I made it!!!!

What a thrill it was to leave a secret gift to brighten up my next door neighbor’s day.  Do you think she ever guessed that it was me, the little girl who spent so much time at her house playing when I was growing up?  What a good lesson this child learned about doing nice things for people, not to be seen or noticed, but just because it is a good thing to do.
It is a wonderful principle to live by isn’t it?  Giving without thought of reward or of a need to be noticed.  We’ve been blessed with abundance and it is only fitting to give back a portion of what we’ve been given.  And somehow…. almost like “magic” …. When we give out of our cup of abundance it always fills up to overflowing once again.

So….. what do you think…. are you too old to sneak over to the neighbor’s house, leave a basket by the door, ring the bell and run like the wind??????

Join us at La Brique Lieu, maybe you need a little help coming up with an idea??  Well we have the idea all ready for you to assemble AND the money it costs to make the baskets all goes to Scott County’s Relay for Life, so not only will you make a friend or neighbor happy you will be contributing to a great cause. Please mark you calendar for April 29th from 9:00am to 1:00pm and come make however many baskets you want!  If you cannot stop by to make one you can order with me and we will have it premade for you for $15.00 a basket.  Just let us know!
Put a smile on someone’s face this year!!!

Cindy Menke – 612-889-9792

Elliot Johnson